Leave Thigh Chafe Behind

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✔ Warehousing in Australia and The US

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  • Prevent Chafe

    Keep cool in breathable anti-chafing shorts and wear under dresses to prevent thigh chafe from rubbing legs.

  • Ultimate comfort

    Unlike shapewear, our undies won't squeeze, dig, roll or ride. Soft, breathable and moisture wicking - as all bottoms should be.

  • No more VPL

    Fix visible panty lines in seamless slip shorts and look great in yoga pants or tight fitting clothing.

About Us

Hello fellow chafe sufferer!

Stocking Riot was founded by me, Melissa Cooper, with a vision to promote body positivity and encourage creativity through self expression. 

It wasn’t long into my new venture before I was being asked about chafing solutions. I had never heard of them and immediately wondered where they had been all my life!!! I also wondered - why do all the options out there look like granny panties and why do they all seem like a sweltering hot box?

So my mission began to provide cute, comfortable, affordable, breathable and reliable solutions for every woman whose thighs touched with sensitive skin.

These core 5 principles have driven us ever since. 

Looking back, most of my adulthood has been spent in jeans - even during heatwaves and extremely hot summer days. I even stopped thinking about why. It just became what I needed to do… If only I knew what I know now. 

Your underwear should support you to move freely and live your life.

Your underwear should empower you. 

We started out in Australia, but have recently expanded into New Zealand, the US and Canada where we are excited to spread the word - you CAN wear what you want to. :D 

Thanks for supporting Stocking Riot and learning more about where we are coming from. I genuinely welcome you to reach out and contact us for thoughts, opinions, questions and ideas. Feedback is our life blood. 


Melissa Cooper