Breezy Summer Looks: Part One, Fishnets

Breezy Summer Looks: Part One, Fishnets

Fishnets. The ultimate summer legwear

In my humble opinion, fishnets and summer go together like peaches and cream. Like lock and key… like cops and robbers. Legwear just doesn’t get any breezier.

As Australian’s we can attest - that even on the most horrible 40 degree days (104 in Fahrenheit) you can whack on a pair of fishnets and barely notice you have them on. In reality, they are one of the few accessories that is tolerable on days like these. Benefits are, of course, that fishnets give you a little bit of coverage and a whole lot of statement factor. On these hot summer days, it’s good to have accessories you can wear comfortably throughout the day and into the night.

What else goes so well with summer? Festivals, parties, picnics!

Therefore, fishnets + parties = summer done right. Right?

In the Park with artist Marlaina Read

In celebration of the fishnet and the summer of 2020 we hit the park in our Wide-Fishnet Pantyhose with Australian artist, Marlaina Read to capture some shots and share outfit ideas for summer fun.

Marlaina and I are friends from many years ago when we both lived in Sydney. (She has since relocated to Melbourne to focus on her PHD at RMIT’s School of Art.) AND luckily for me, on a recent visit to Adelaide she was keen to get down to some fashion photography.

Working with Marlaina is a privilege and a lot of fun! I love that we played with capturing the fishnets with Marlaina who has a strong maritime focus in her work. It just seemed poetic.

Truthfully, shooting legs in the park is a huge departure from her art and the results are seriously cute and quirky. We are super proud to be showing off our products through these gorgeous photos and we’re really pleased to be pulling together some of our favourite shots into this post to share with you.

To see more of Marlaina’s beautiful artwork and accomplishments check out her website at and see her bio at the end of this post.

Big thank you to the whole team who made this shoot happen!
Photographer: Marlaina Read
Art Direction: Marlaina Read
Models: Kelsey Read & Grace Lomas

Fishies in the Park

Description: Three women lay on the grass looking to the sky each dressed in fishnet tights.

This shoot took place on one of those insanely hot Adelaide days. (That’s me in the blue dress!) We waited until late in the afternoon when the light was at its peak to hit the botanic gardens to soak up a little of what was left of the heat.

Featured in the shots are our Wide Fishnet Pantyhose, which come in baby pink, red wine and purple.

BTW: Fishnets are also great for layering over other tights on those cooler days. Check out our Cindi Lauper combos for inspiration on layering tights


It’s hard to decide which colour to love the most. For me, the real surprise is how versatile the baby pink are across different styles and genres. Really, they have a similar effect to nude fishnets which add a subtle hint of texture to elevate an outfit. Because of this they can be used in collaboration with any style, as well as being a classic statement piece of the pastel gothic, lolita or kawaii genres.

I turn to the red wine coloured fishnets when I’m looking for a classic fishnet with a twist and the purple when I’m up for colour blocking and a whole lot of pop.

Pssst…. More colours on the way! 

Description: Close up shot of three pairs of legs in fishnet tights. Purple fishnets with red shoes, pale pink fishnets and gold shoes, red wine fishnets with black and white shoes.

Just when we thought this modelling gig was going to be a walk in the park Marlaina got us to work sweeping away at the grass. It just goes to show - the ideas which feel weird to model really do make the best shots on camera. I love how engaging this image is. Whatever is going on in the grass, I think Grace has it covered.

Description: Women bending down to sweep the grass with fans wearing wide fishnet tights and summer dresses.

This is one of my favourite photos from the day. Kelsey and Grace have a playful friendship and after spending the afternoon with them, this photo shows how much love comes from having fun.

Next up, we changed outfits and focused on getting a few shots of our sock range.

See Part Two : Coming soon.... 

Marlaina Read, Artist

Marlaina Read is an Australian artist and current PhD student at RMIT University. She works in video, sound and installation, and is interested in nature, oceans, folklore and women who work in primary industry such as fishing. Her current work is taking her to Scotland and Iceland. But truthfully she loves anywhere cold.

Please, join us in admiring Marlaina’s artwork and check out her site:

Thank you Marlaina!

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