Exit the dance class

Exit the dance class

“So, I have an upcoming show in the fringe. I’m going to get my boobs out for the first time.”

We’re fresh on location for our latest shoot and we’ve asked our models to chat as we start lining up some shots and test the light. Sarah Cooper, burlesque performer, has agreed to help us out with the shoot. She’s been practicing burlesque for about a year now and will be performing in the upcoming Choo La La 2020 Fringe show, Swingesque - Alter Ego.

I haven’t known Sarah a long time, but I LOVE how she lays it all out on the table. Her dry wit is right up my ally.

“These days I’m known as Sarah the Sharer. I hide nothing. If I had a wedgie all day at work my colleagues would all know about it!” she tells me. 

Sarah works in a creative design role for non-profits. Her great accomplishments are undoubtedly her two teenage boys and their shared achievements. Sarah proudly recounts they ate noodles as a family for two years to save for a house deposit. “We wanted to have our own place so bad, we all sacrificed our ‘wants’ together and saved”. As a single mum, Sarah describes her sons as her teammates who work every bit as much as her to attain their goals as a family.

For our Exit the Dance Class concept shoot, Sarah wore a pair of classic nude fishnet tights. A favourite in the burlesque community. 

Although Sarah has only been practicing burlesque for a year, it's become an important aspect of embracing her confidence and practicing self appreciation. “I once loathed who I was. Now I’m so proud and happy of my body and my personality. We all have such amazing differences and I think there is beauty and sass in all of us! Burlesque is beautiful, sexy and shows amazing confidence. I think we need to love all shapes and sizes and embrace our sexy!”

No doubt, a huge part of the performance is bonding with the other girls. The backstage freakouts, rehearsals, and ‘sharing a little wink with your side kick’ are all part of the experience. In the future, she’d like to do a solo show or duo and “possibly hop in a big martini glass”.

It’s good to have goals. ;P

To see Sarah perform, buy tix from the Fringe website: Swingesque - Alter Ego.

Fri 13 Mar - Sat 14 Mar: 8pm
Woodville Town Hall
74 Woodville Rd, Woodville SA 5011, Australia

Photos in this post were part of our Exit the Dance Class concept shoot with artist Marlaina Read.

Sarah is featured wearing nude fishnet tights and our Sheer Riot Footless Tights - 15 Denier.

Grey, Chocolate and Black opaque tights are worn by Sofala, Naomi and Kelsey. Leila is in our white polka dot tights.

Photographer: Marlaina Read
Art Direction: Melissa Cooper and Roxane Adams
Featured Model: Sarah Cooper
Models: Kelsey Read, Sofala Boonstoppel, Naomi Tyson and Leila Alispahic

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